Raw Rawr Frozen Pure Salmon

Product Description
NZ King Salmon (including skin, frames, head)


“Our NZ King salmon is a naturally rich source of healthy long chain Omega-3s, which have widely documented health benefits such as aiding heart and joint health. They are also important for a healthy mind at all life stages, especially in puppies and kittens where Omega-3s are vital for the development of the brain and eyes.

Compared to other salmon and seafood species, King salmon consistently contains some of the highest levels per serving of healthy long-chain Omega-3 oils.”

Raw Rawr Frozen is very minimally processed. We simply blend the ingredients just enough to ensure nutritional consistency in every portion. Once packaged, it's blast frozen and remains frozen all the way to you. 

Always store Raw Rawr frozen in the freezer. Do NOT refreeze after thawing. For safe handling and protection, always wash hands and surfaces thoroughly before and after handling, discard any leftovers.

12 x 90g cup

Made & packed in New Zealand
ALL ingredients from New Zealand

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